Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Sleepy pockets

Mac and I have taken to having afternoon naps - it's great and now he doesn't want Easter holidays to end. I'm not quite sure what's going on to be honest - I promise I won't even bring up the subject of my great age :-) - but since The Illness that hit us last week, we're all very sleepy. David drove into work today just that so he's forced to stay awake on the journey home - he fell asleep yesterday and missed his station. Still, Mac and I have no such worries. I hit my sleepy pocket at about ten past two, Mac is ahead of me - he's taken to lying face down in his lunch so I've moved that forward to 12noon. Neither of us take to our beds, we snuggle on the sofa. 40 minutes, that's all I need because, since Friday afternoon, I'm always wide awake at ten to three.

It's been a very slow few days on the home front - but we've booked a couple of weeks away, the first at the start of the school holidays and the second week at the very end. The first venue is the same cottage we had last summer and the second venue hasn't been thought of yet but I'm still holding out the hope that we will have a weekend retreat by then. The estate agents we registered with certainly aren't backwards in coming forwards - both of our inboxes are full of details. I'm a bit concerned though that they seem to have not one idea about our actual needs.

We specified "2/3 bedrooms, in need of redecorating and doing up, fairly close to sea, not too expensive (see budget)". They're sending us information on either 1 or six bedroom properties that don't even need hoovering let alone repainting and one gorgeous house was just the 12 miles from the beach. And the prices!

Still. Mac has got it into his head that we need to make a cake "for Daddy" and he is currently wrapping himself in an apron - he looks like he's in a straight jacket so I'd better go and rescue him, I'm posting under the guise of "looking for a recipe sweetheart". Hm, wonder if Silvana or Kelly have anything we could make............I'm sure I could turn this into a cake of some description!


Anonymous said...

A spring chicken that you are, join my club!!

Hope this lethargy passes soon, you have a lovely holiday to look forward to from the sounds of it.

Crystal xx

aims said...

Fatigue seems to be my middle name these days. Maybe it's the long winter - I sure don't know...but sleep...OMG!! Sometimes I just fall asleep instantly! It can be a bit scary!

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