Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow Joke

The Sky Broadband engineer arrived at five past 9 this morning moaning about the “bleeding snow” and all the “stupid bleeps that actually enjoy this bleeding weather”. He looked at me as if I was one of those stupid bleeps. However, I was so pleased to see him with OVER A WEEK BEING INTERNET-ACCESS FREE I let him in with nary a word.

It’s my mother-in-laws fault we have no internet access. Indirectly. Because, if you read my last blog entry you will see that I’m perhaps less than complimentary about her. The last time I sla….erm, moaned about her slightly in print was in an email to my sister Bea just before Christmas. My washing machine blew up, but not before it had regurgitated diluted Lenor all over the kitchen floor. Coincidence? I think not.

So, to protect my other household appliances from her bile, I have made a conscious vow never to be anything less than nice to her in print. So there!

Anyway, the engineer did what he had to do and left to go over to “bleeding Streatham” and I merrily logged on. To 54 emails, 21 of them demanding my immediate attention. There’s one from Charlie who had a bad first day at her new job on Monday (despite the sexy doctors) and needed advice on how to handle the person she shares an office with (bad BO and a propensity to stuff her face all day long with jaffa cakes). There’s three from Eliza, all with pictures of Ashley. And one from the National Lottery which I opened immediately with excitement, to find I’d only won a tenner. Only! As if a tenner isn’t going to help me fund my next trip to Ayres!

Anyway. As I’m one of those stupid bleeps that actually likes the snow, I’m taking my pride and joy and the dogs for a snowy ramble around Peckham Rye Park

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